Alliance Introduction

China Smart Home Industry Alliance initials:(CSHIA), which is supported by the relevant ministries of China and initiated by enterprises engaged in R&D and production of smart home, research institutions,  standardized management institutions. Units engaged in smart home related technology and product R&D, production, management, sales and relevant community organization in China jointly established CSHIA.

CSHIA is a voluntary participation, self-discipline industry organization, which is a non-profit social groups. CSHIA has attracted the companies of smart home industry chain’s to join, the President unit include the top of the industry elite in the smart home market of China, the director unit and the member unit are all excellent enterprise.

CSHIA is committed to establish the standards of industry products, technologies, construction, build a win-win platform for the industry of production, learning, research and engineering, and provide services for the smart home industry, enterprise development,technology research, and technical standards for construction and etc. CSHIA fully unite the power of the members of the Union to integrate quality resources, and actively carry out technical exchanges, make industry standards of technology,   products, construction, to improve the overall R&D capabilities, strengthening extensive cooperation both inside and outside the industry, improve the business level of the industry to further strengthen international exchange and cooperation. CSHIA will enhance the product technology and quality standards to provide high quality products and services to the consumers, promote the orderly development of the smart home industry norms.

The focus of the alliance

1.Integrate the alliance members’ resources, use the advantages of technology, products, and platforms, and provide users with standardized solutions;
2.Promote the standardization of smart home industry products and engineering, regulating the industry development;
3.Build smart home training center, carry out the training of smart home technology, design, product, construction and other aspects;
4.Build a platform for exchange with international and regional smart home industry organizations, and promote cooperation between domestic and foreign organizations, enterprises and users;
5.Promote smart home pilot and demonstration applications, promote the establishment of around the establishment of the smart home industry bases;
6.Provide a full range of management, marketing, and technical consulting services for alliance members;
7.Commissioned by the national ministries and business authorities, write the smart home industry report.

Third-party projects cooperation

1. Carry out the “smart home systems engineer” training
In 2012, CSHIA was officially launched the “smart home systems engineer” training. The training is a certification authority of the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Education and Examination Center. It is mainly for the general situation and development needs, system structure, communication technology, terminal equipment, design construction, commissioning acceptance and the typical cases to expand the training.Students will receive a “smart home systems engineer “certificate issued jointly by the Ministry of Industry and the smart home industry alliance, and record in the Ministry of Education and Examination Center.
2.Establishing smart home technology demonstrator platform
Because smart home equipment are used enterprise’s own standard at present, different manufacturers of similar equipment in all aspects of technology, functionality have great differences, they can not be arbitrarily replaced. But integrated company purchases the equipment and the equipment manufacturers continue providing the ability of later period maintenance have great uncertainty, these all attracted huge hidden dangers for the operation and development of the smart home system, so the life cycle of smart home system is mostly shorter than the life cycle of building.

In order to solve these problems, CSHIA based on the market demands to establish and perfect a set of smart home system structure and implementing regulations, which accord with the network based on Chinese building and residential characteristics. Building a verification platform for the system structure and implement standards, in order to test and verify smart home-related products and technologies. The products and technologies in validated have the same technical specifications, similar products can be replaced, so as to achieve the purpose of improve and standardize the entire smart home industry chain.

3. Establish smart home equipment cloud’ service platform
Develop the testing system of smart home internet of things service platform which based on device cloud. Device cloud is the next generation of Internet of Things technology equipment management and service platform. In equipment cloud, we intend to focus on some key technology  about”Pan in the equipment database”, home gateway “Cloud Access” and “virtual packet”, home users and the community management staff don’t need to build their own servers and database systems in each subnet.But by using the ordinary PC, mobile phone or Pad to login equipment cloud platform and enter heir own virtual community, then to buy, customize, and use of cloud computing server provided by a variety of the internet of things application services.